We are the lucky ones

21238169186_743323603e_mThinking of starving children in Africa never helped me to eat my liver and bacon as a child.  And recognising that “it could be worse” doesn’t take away the sting of diagnosis with a chronic illness.

But I’m ashamed that my son’s diagnosis in the summer left me with no energy or empathy to engage with the refugee crisis.

This is the story that got me to look over the parapet again – of a Syrian girl who died in her parents’ arms after traffickers threw her insulin overboard.

It’s hard to imagine that in developing countries and war zones there are people battling their chronic illnesses even as they battle for life or liberty.  Who cannot access their essential medication or adequate sanitation.

I can’t endorse any charity but medicines sans frontieres, T1International and the international diabetes fund are involved in supporting diabetes treatment in areas of need.

The outcomes for children in the UK with Type 1 are good.  They could be better, but prospects elsewhere in the world are much poorer.  In some ways, we are the lucky ones.

Please also look out for this campaign #insulin4all

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  1. Rachel, thank you so much for writing about this and sharing T1International as well as the #insulin4all campaign. T1International is leading the call with that campaign. I hope you will submit your photo in support of the campaign and access to insulin and supplies for all? Thanks again for your thoughts on this. -Elizabeth, T1International


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